Summit County Summer Electrical Needs

Summit County Summer Electrical Needs Summit County

Summit County Summer Electrical Needs

Im sure, right now, the last thing on your mind is Summit County Summer Electrical Needs, but the summer time comes with its own set of electrical issues. The upside is that many of these problems can be prevented and planned for, so it’s mostly just about knowing what to look for and what needs to get done. Through the season you should be ready to deal with:

More Electrical Consumption

With your AC system going full power, lights being used, summer appliances like pool pumps and lights, and even more, your home has a lot to provide for. If it isn’t prepared you could end up dealing with overloading, breaker trips, and even worse! The best solution here is to simply get your home’s electrical capacity inspected, as a simple heavy-up service at the hands of our Summit County electricians can help you get the safe access you need.

Storm Season

Summer storm season in the Summit County area can see a lot of windy storms. The high winds and lightning strikes that are common to our summer storms can leave you with outages and much worse. To prepare your home for electrical issues associated with storms, we would recommend looking into two things:

  1. Generator installation. A portable generator can handle things well enough, but your better bet is a whole-home generator. These systems can keep your HVAC, refrigerator, lights, and more all on and in control without skipping a beat.
  2. Whole-home surge protectors. Power surges can cause massive amounts of damage to your home, but are easily avoided. A surge suppressor installation from our Summit County electricians ensures all excess and sudden charges are sent to ground, rather than sent through your wiring!

Outdated Electrical Wiring

Summit County Summer electrical needs puts all of your electrical systems to the test. We mentioned above that you should check to see if you need a heavy-up, which is a great idea, but you should also look into updating your electrical wiring with our Summit County electricians. When your home is sapping up and moving tons of electricity it can increase the risk of wire burning and electrical fires, especially with older wire types.

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