Winter Weather Electrical Tips

Winter Weather Electrical Tips A Quality Electrician

Winter Weather Electrical Tips

Winter Weather Electrical Tips: The use of electricity undeniably increases during winter and this makes it inevitable to remain extra vigilant when it comes to electrical safety. As winter approaches several power issues crop up due to strong winds, snowfall and heavy rains. Accidents involving electricity can prove to be extremely fatal and also have financial repercussions. Fortunately if you take a few precautions; it is possible to stay safe and comfortable indoors. Let’s go over a few winter weather electrical tips you should be following!

  1. Check for flickering lamps and crimped extension cords, they can lead to a serious fire hazard
  2. Cover all the boxes, plugs, and panels in your house
  3. Label all the circuits so you can cut the power immediately if you need to
  4. Test and ground fault circuit interrupters to ensure complete protection
  5. Check all the outlets to ensure they are not overloaded with multiple cords
  6. Cover outlets with childproof caps
  7. Have your wiring system checked for repairs and replacements
  8. Install certified surge suppressor at the main panel for complete protection
  9. If you plan to go on a vacation, ensure that all the vital equipment are unplugged before leaving
  10. If you need help with anything call a professional


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